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How To Be a Happy Quilter
Here are some tips that we came up with to help you be a Happy Quilter!
1.0 Take a class at Stitches Etc Home Center and make new friends.
2.0 Be realistic about your projects that you undertake. Determine what it is about a particular quilt that you like— the colors, the shapes, a particular fabric—and then “facilitate” the design of the quilt so that it will be a project that you can realistically accomplish.
3.0 Give yourself permission not to finish a quilt.  If you’ve learned something from a project—even if it’s that you don’t like the technique, the fabrics, the colors—you don’t have to finish the quilt—chalk it up to a learning experience and move on to something else that you do enjoy!
4.0 Practice!! The more you practice the better you get—and that is true of everything—appliqué, piecing, quilting, free motion quilting, making pie crust, skate boarding (OK maybe skate boarding should be relegated to the under 20 year old set, but you get the idea!)
5.0 Buy 1/3 yd or ½ yd cuts rather than 1/4 yds—a 1/3 yd doesn’t cost much more than a 1/4 yd—but you can get an extra strip or two out of a third yd, and with half a yd you can get an additional 5” strip for charm squares for your stash!
6.0 Label all your tools.  When you come to a sewing workshop and you leave something behind, if it has your name on it we’ll be sure that it gets returned to you!
7.0 Change your rotary cutter blade often.  A dull blade makes you press harder when cutting and can cause more accidents!
8.0  Change your sewing machine needle often.  If you wait until your sewing machine needle breaks, you’re probably not changing your needle often enough!   If your sewing machine starts to “eat” the points of your triangles when piecing, it’s probably getting dull and needs to be changed.
9.0 Clean your sewing machine. Ideally, it’s best to clean your sewing machine after you finish a project since all the lint will steal the moisture from your machine—but clean it at least before you start a new big project.
10. Cut up your stash!! Don’t be afraid to cut up the fabric in your stash!  If you have fabric that is left over from other projects, cut it up into usable size strips or squares so that you can make scrap quilts quickly!